Development of the 7C scale

The 7C scale is based on the 5C antecedents of vaccination scale and extends the latter with two additional components of vaccination readiness: compliance and conspiracy. The current 7C version of the scale might be revised and/or extended in the future. We track the development of the vaccination readiness scale here.

Date Version  Decription Items and Validation
2018  5C V1  The original 5C scale developed over the course of three studies employing exploratory factor analyses.   Link
2020 Week 47  7C alpha V1   The revision and extension of the 5C scales. Items were revised with more extreme wording, more personal rather than global perspective, simpler langauge and shorter items to improve the scale’s psychometric properties and new items for compliance and conspiracy were added.   Iteration 1
2020 Week 51  7C alpha V2 Based on an empirical study with 7C alpha V1 in this version more extreme wording was added to reduce floor and ceiling effects and items with small loadings were replaced by new items. Furthermore, to empirically separate the factors confidence, collective responsibility, and compliance, definitions of these components were refined and items added or adjusted accordingly.   Iteration 2
2021 Week 2  7C beta V1 For this version, items were further revised based on an empirical study with 7C alpha V2 with the same goals as in the previous iteration.   Iteration 3
2021 Week 4  7C V1 For this version, the three empirically best items from 7C beta V1 were selected after conducting a study with the latter version. Items were selected based on factor loadings and predictive power to explain individual differences in the willingness to vaccinate against COVID-19.   Items   Publications
Childhood   vaccination  readiness
2021 Week 20  C7C alpha V1 To adapt the 7C scale to childhood vaccination, we added child or children to each item. Because we evaluated the scale in a COVID-19 specific version, COVID-19 when reffering to the vaccine or vaccination.   C7C Iteration 1
2021 Weeks 22, 24, 26, 28, 30  C7C V1 In this version, minor changes were made to correct language and COVID-19 context.   Items   Publications