Vaccination Readiness

                Determine your Vaccination Readiness


Vaccination Readiness is the tendency to be willing and ready to get vaccinated. The term vaccination readiness is an umbrella term for components that determine the individual likelihood to be willing to get vaccinated. We currently distinguish seven components (7Cs):

Component Definition
Confidence Trust in (i) the security and effectiveness of vaccinations, (ii) the health authorities, and (iii) the health officials who recommend and develop vaccines.
Complacency Complacency and laziness to get vaccinated due to low perceived risk of infectious diseases.
Constraints Structural or psychological hurdles in daily life that make vaccination difficult or costly.
Calculation Degree to which personal costs and benefits of vaccination are weighted.
Collective Responsibility Willingess to protect others and to eliminate infectious diseases.
Compliance Support for societal monitoring and sanctioning of people who are not vaccinated.
Conspiracy Conspiracy thinking and belief in fake news related to vaccination.